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Thur 12 Sep, 1985

Nick tries to mend bridges with Ethel. Dr Legg gets a visit from both Nick and Ali with problems they find hard to talk about, but he has some good news for the Fowler’s. Tony confronts ‘the rat’ he catches leaving the building next to his flat. Meanwhile at The Vic, Sharon’s plans to seduce Lofty go horribly wrong. Michelle finally manages to confide in someone.

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Thank you very much - i was looking for this for a veeery long time!

1 hours ago
by Patric

great stuff all around, fantastic quality

1 hours ago
by Sylvia


5 hours ago
by Diana

oh - even works on my telly

5 hours ago
by Hans

Thank you for uploading this video . I had fun watching it , this is great, this format works for me and never buffer...

2 hours ago
by Dan Smith

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